November 24, 2022

How to Manage your Hashtags so you can be Seen

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There’s a lot of talk about hashtags…..

Are they still a thing? Is it worth a spot in your caption or your comments? Are they relevant to your marketing strategy?

The short answer is yes!

In today’s journal post, we will discuss why you should use them and three hashtag tips to implement in your Instagram marketing strategy!

Forgetting hashtags on posts is one of wedding creatives’ most common social media mistakes. You may think of hashtags as a combination of keywords that function as a great SEO marketing tool by helping social media platforms categorize you and your content to get you in front of your ideal audience.

When it comes to creating hashtags, you want to include tags around these three categories to help the algorithm boosts your visibility.

Your Niche

Choose target hashtags for your industry to signal who you are and what you do. As a wedding creative, here are example hashtags you could use #weddingphotographer, #weddingfilmmaker, #weddingflorist, or #elopmentphotographer.

Your Content

Choose hashtags related to your wedding content to signal the details of your content. For example, suppose you are posting about a recent shoot. In that case, you may want to add hashtags related to the photographs or film you captured, which may look like, #shesaidyes, #willyoumarryme, #shootinfilm, #fineartweddings, or #bridalinspo.

Your Audience

Choose hashtags your audience is searching for to signal who you are trying to reach. Think about the details and interests of your ideal audience and include hashtags such as your location, their location, related publications, and words that would attract them.

Implementing a hashtag strategy is still a tried and true method of getting seen by your ideal clients. Whether you use three or max out at 30, please resist the urge to add your hashtags in your comments section and only in your captions, so the algorithm recognizes them as content keywords and boosts your SEO!

Pro Tip: Try following hashtags on Instagram! Using the search function, type in a hashtag and click on the ones that resonate with your business. Tap the blue “Follow” button at the top of the page. Now, you’ll see posts from this hashtag in your feed. Engage with these posts for maximum exposure!

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