December 5, 2022

Top Instagram Hashtags to Get Noticed

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Are you a wedding professional wanting to attract more clients? If so, you should be using hashtags for your social media content. Hashtags function as a great SEO marketing tool that can help your ideal clients find you while also helping you network with other vendors and connect with publications.

In today’s journal, I am breaking down the top 10 wedding industry hashtags you should use to market your business and examples of how to use them!

1. Wedding niche-related hashtags: This is perfect for helping you describe what you do and communicating your style to potential clients. #weddingphotographer #weddingplanner #weddingflorist #fineartphotographer #elopementphotographer

2. Style hashtags: These hashtags can help you attract your ideal clients by describing the ideal style of wedding they’re searching for. #fineartwedding #vintagewedding #bohowedding #luxewedding

3. Location hashtags: Don’t forget to tag the locations of where you serve your clients, your favorite wedding venues, and any surrounding areas that would attract your ideal client.

4. Your couple’s hashtags: If your couple has a unique hashtag, definitely use it. Including this hashtag is an excellent way to attract future clients similar to your current clients, as these hashtags typically get a lot of attention from family and friends who want to relive the day.

5. Vendor hashtags: using hashtags from relevant vendors related to your posts can help you connect with them, and often, they’ll return the love.

6. Wedding details hashtags: Include hashtags that will attract brides as they search for these specific details for their wedding. #weddingshoes #bridalgown #weddingcake

7. Wedding day-related hashtags: It’s a simple but effective way to capture clients’ attention who want to see the whole wedding day from other couples. #weddingday #realwedding #weddingflorals #weddingphoto

8. Wedding inspirations hashtags: Clients often search for inspiration as they dream up their perfect day. These hashtags point to you as their go-to wedding vendor for their wedding. #weddinginspo #weddingvenues #weddingfloralsinspo #engagementphotoinspo

9. Publication hashtags: Publications often connect with wedding creatives through their hashtags. So don’t forget to tag the ones you love that complement your wedding style. #stylemepretty #theknot #weddingwire

10. Your brand hashtags: If you have hashtags that are specific to your brand, you should always include them. When potential clients click your branded hashtags, it serves as an additional portfolio curated with your own posts and posts that your past clients have posted of your work.

Now that you have ten specific wedding industry hashtags to use for your business, it’s time to start posting and attracting your ideal clients! Remember, your hashtags will be as unique as your brand. So be creative and don’t forget to save your list of hashtags in a place where you can quickly add them to your content!

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