December 15, 2022

How to have a Work/life balance during the holiday

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Tis’ the season for striking a balance between work and personal life during the holidays! Have you taken your foot off the gas yet? This time of the year is my absolute favorite. In business, it means slowing things down a bit, but on the personal side, this is when I cherish making memories and time spent with loved ones.

As a business owner, I know firsthand that it can be challenging to slow down. Hustle culture tells us our work never stops. At the same time, our ambitions make us feel like we still have far to go before taking a break, but we must make time for more than just our workload.

In today’s journal, I am sharing 3 of my favorite tips on achieving work/life balance during the holiday season!

Plan how you spend your time.

It may not be realistic that all of your time be spent away from your business, but you must plan how your time will be balanced between your work and personal life. The best way to plan your time is by creating a to-do list for work and personal tasks and keeping them to a minimum based on priority.

Create boundaries between work and personal time and stick to them.

Build a schedule of when you will work over the holidays and set your business hours. While working from home, it can be tempting to squeeze in a few extra hours to get more done, but stick to your schedule. When you’re in family mode, focus on that. Shut the door to your office or keep your laptop packed up to help minimize the temptation. Remember, it is easy to create boundaries, but for them to be successful, we have to stick to them.

Be present and eliminate distractions.

Is your phone always beeping off with notifications? Technology has helped us all keep connected to all the moving parts of our businesses. Still, it can be the number one culprit in disrupting work/life balance. If you want to have a meaningful holiday season, simply unplug. Turn off alerts, beeps, ringers, etc. You don’t have to go “cold turkey.” Choose to check them twice or three times throughout the day; your loved ones will appreciate the gesture.

The holiday season can typically be a busy time of the year. But the memories you create away from your business and with your family are priceless. Remember to prioritize your time where it matters most!

Happy Holidays Friends!

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