December 23, 2022

The Importance of SEO

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Are you taking advantage of using SEO to grow your business? For some wedding
professionals, SEO is a no-brainer, but for others, it can immediately strike anxiety. No matter
who you are, SEO is essential for any wedding professional that wants to build brand
awareness while attracting their dream clients.

When you think of google, you should immediately think of SEO. SEO can help your business
stand out amongst the industry competition as your website and brand become more
recognizable. It stands for search engine optimization, and it is the thing that allows your clients
to find you when they search for your industry and niche in google search. In today’s journal, I
will share why SEO is so important for your business!

SEO attracts organic traffic

SEO allows your target audience to find you. If someone searches for “Los Angeles Wedding
photographer” or “North Carolina Wedding Florist,” you WANT to be on the top of the google
rank, so the likelihood of your site getting clicked on is much higher. SEO significantly
increases your reach, which also increases your leads with people actively searching for your

SEO is free to have

The amazing part of SEO is you don’t have to pay to utilize it, although many small business
owners are willing to hire someone to implement SEO in their marketing strategy. The critical
thing to know is unlike paying for advertising to attract your clients, SEO does it for free, and
who doesn’t love free?!

SEO is a long-term marketing strategy

Your business is long-term, and your marketing strategy should be too. Unlike social media
algorithms that are constantly changing, SEO can withstand the test of time. You never want to
rely only on social media since you don’t own your follower list. Instead, you want social media
to complement your SEO strategy and put more emphasis on the long-term effectiveness of
your marketing.

SEO may take a lot of work, but it is essential for every wedding professional who desires to
increase their brand awareness and grow their business with new, organic traffic coming to their

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