January 1, 2023

Why you Should do Instagram, Pinterest, and Blogging Together.

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As a wedding business owner, you are probably familiar with wedding networking, email
marketing, and your website – but how much time are you putting into your social presence?
And most importantly, how much of that time is going towards Pinterest marketing?

Pinterest is an excellent platform for increasing your Instagram audience and huge for driving
back traffic to your website. With the time you spend creating content for your ideal audience,
the goal is to get the most eyeballs and reach possible without tripling your workload across all
three platforms.

In today’s journal post, I’ll explain why you should use Pinterest, Instagram, and blogging
strategically to increase your reach and visibility.

SEO increases your ranking

SEO is vital when increasing your ranking on a search engine’s results page. Why would this be
important to you? Because more visibility equals more leads. When you turn your Instagram
and Blog content into Pinterest pins, you will amp up exposure to your target audience,
ultimately driving more traffic to your website and increasing sales. But without SEO, you risk
not being visible and searchable in search engine results.

Increases Brand Awareness

Pinterest is the holy grail for couples planning their wedding, and the more your target audience
sees you, the more they are building trust and you are building brand awareness. By combining
your Instagram and blog sharing with Pinterest, potential clients are more likely to find and book
your services and the Pinterest platform make it so easy for you to share content across other

Repurpose your content

Don’t work harder; work smarter! You spent time writing your blog, and the next step is repurposing that long-form content into Instagram posts and Pinterest pins. Repurposing requires
practice, but with time you can learn which kinds of content attract your target audience and
what performs best. My biggest tip until then is to opt for multiple Pins with different styles,
sharing the most valuable and exciting elements of each blog to capture the attention of
potential clients.

Always remember that Pinterest is a search engine, Instagram is a social media platform, and
your website blog is your unique corner of the internet. As a wedding creative, if your goal is to
grow your business and increase your lead generation, you want to take advantage of the
the visibility you receive when you combine Instagram, Pinterest, and blogging into your marketing

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