January 6, 2023

Pinterest for Beginners

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When you hear Pinterest, the first thing you may think of is recipes and home decor inspiration.
But now Pinterest has become a complete game changer in social media marketing for small
business owners ready to explode their brand reach and send traffic to their websites.

So, what is Pinterest exactly? Pinterest is a visual search engine similar to google that
capitalizes on SEO keyword search to help ideal clients find you. Imagine if you are the first Pin
your perfect client sees as soon as they open the app or search your business niche. Viewers
will click on that link sending numerous people to your website.

The great news is you don’t need to be tech-savvy to use and navigate Pinterest. If you are a
beginner, you have come to the right place. In today’s journal, I will teach you how to use
Pinterest step by step.

Set up your Profile

At this point, you probably have been using Pinterest as a pinner and not a creator. The first
step is to establish or convert your account as a business account, so you can maximize brand
reach and analytic insights that come along with the account transition. Once setup is complete,
claim your website immediately to increase your account reach.

Add your Profile Details

Although Pinterest leans more toward a search engine than a social media platform, you can
still bring your personality. Use the profile details to welcome viewers and provide short
keywords into who you are and what you do. As a service-based business, I always suggest
using a high-quality brand image of yourself as the photo.

Prepare your Boards

If you’re familiar with Pinterest, you may have Pinterest boards accumulated over time based on
your interests and needs. This step is to clean up your boards so that when your ideal clients
approach your Pinterest profile, they can find what is relevant to them while also learning more
about your business. Don’t worry about deleting boards. You can always hide them from the
public and view them later.

If you are starting your Pinterest on a clean slate, this is your time to create boards that will
become houses for different content and value you provide. Although there isn’t a magic
number, You want to make between 10 to 15 boards where you will upload your content and
create board topics and keyword-researched titles that will gain attraction.

Create a List of SEO Keywords

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. You’ve probably heard this term thrown around so
many times, and it is keywords that you use to help your ideal client find you using the exact
words. SEO is vital because your page and content can build reach with it. So, think of them as
hashtags without the hashtag symbol and utilize them in your profile and throughout your
Pinterest account so your ideal clients can find you easier.

Decide What Content you Want to Use

Pinterest is great for helping you circulate new and old content. At this point, your boards are
ready for your pins, and now is the perfect time to decide how soon you will be pinning and
creating content, creating your Pinterest strategy. The best part about Pinterest is you can also
repin other pins to add more value to your boards for your ideal client. But I always suggest
creating a pinning strategy that you can be consistent with to see the results it can bring your

Does Pinterest feel more approachable after this introduction? This platform can take time to
master, but a successful setup makes all the difference. If you’re interested in implementing a
consistent Pinterest Strategy but lack time, let’s schedule a chat here (Insert Link) I would love
to help!

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