January 26, 2023

Why Pinterest a Hot Tool to use for Wedding Creatives

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As a wedding industry creative, if there is any place you want to be to advertise your business,
it’s Pinterest. Pinterest is the platform to help you grow your business by expanding your brand
awareness, reaching new audiences of ideal clients, and visually showcasing your services. It is
the number one source of inspiration for couples who use Pinterest boards to plan their wedding
and is perfect for helping you gain consistent website traffic.

The results of using Pinterest can be excellent for your wedding business, and in today’s
journal, I will be sharing why it is the hottest platform for your marketing strategy right now.

Increase Brand Awareness

Increased brand awareness is essential for your wedding business to gain familiarity with the
wedding industry and your ideal target audience. Thankfully, using Pinterest makes that much
easier to achieve because your pins can circulate for years. Unlike other social media platforms
that stop pushing new content within days of posting or algorithms that are constantly changing,
Pinterest makes it easy for you to increase your brand awareness continuously.

Increase Website Traffic

Pinterest is a visual search engine and perfect for wedding industry creatives who are looking to
increase traffic to their website. Brides year-round use Pinterest to build their wedding
inspiration boards, often pinning photos that attract their eye. With every pin you post, you will likely get in front of your ideal client. If they fall in love with your content, they will likely click
on your link leading back to your website. This process increases your website traffic, leading to
more inquiries for your wedding business.

Reach your target audience

Pinterest is the go-to place for all things wedding related. The Pinterest algorithm works based
on keywords and showcasing content to consumers based on their Pinterest board interests.
When you pin your content to Pinterest and utilize your brand-specific keywords, your content
will likely land in front of a target-specific audience. Keywords make it so much easier for you to
attract your target audience and for them to find you! Who doesn’t love that?!

Excellent Place to Advertise

Pinterest allows you to take your marketing to the next level through advertising. Whether you
have a pin that performs extremely well or deserves to be seen by more eyes, Pinterest offers
paid advertising as one of the benefits of your business account. Its targeting options make
advertising on Pinterest worth the spot on this list because it uses data composed of liked pins,
saved Pinterest boards, and keywords from all its users to help your pins get in front of your
ideal clients when you run ads. It’s a great tool to use to boost your content’s attraction.

As you can see, Pinterest offers fantastic opportunities for your business to show up and attract
a new audience of interested clients. As a wedding creative, Pinterest is where you should be.

We will love to speak with you if you are a small wedding industry business looking for help to
start and consistently grow your brand on Pinterest. Don’t hesitate to contact us here to book a
discovery call.

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