January 26, 2023

Why you Should Have Yearly Branding Photos

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When was the last time you had branding photos done for your business? Branding
photography is crucial for drawing your audience in and can make or break your business.
Whether on your website, social media, or your marketing assets, your branding photography
draws your audience in and entices them to connect with your brand, while outdated branding
can do the opposite.

In today’s journal, I will share five reasons why you should have your branding photos done

Brand photos set your first impression.

The first impression is created within seconds and within those seconds is where your brand
photos come in. There are no rules for how often your branding can or should change, but the
most significant recommendation is always to stay consistent. You want your brand photos to
continue to work hand in hand with your overall brand image so you are constantly making a
positive first impression.

Your brand photos should match your brand personality.

In any industry, you will come across competitors offering the same services. But, What makes
your brand stand out is your brand personality. Your brand’s personality is important when
evoking emotion from your potential clients, and your branding photos are a perfect way to
highlight that personality. No matter where your brand personality falls on the spectrum of fun to
serious, your brand photography can convey to potential clients what you do and how you do it.

Your brand photography will humanize your brand.

People want to connect with others, relate to others, and see the face behind the company.
Clients want to connect with something other than the visual part of your brand. They want to
know the story, be drawn in, and feel emotions. Your brand photos can communicate to your
clients and create a beautiful visual story.

Brand photos give a glimpse behind the scenes.

In today’s world, people want to know what your office looks like and images of your team and
imagine themselves being a part of that experience. Brand photography is critical in giving that
little bit of behind-the-scenes of your work and what it looks like when you provide your service.
As a result, your audience will have a more significant idea of what they can expect when
working with you, and it goes a long way toward instilling a sense of care and comfort in
potential clients.

Consistency is key

You might have your logo, colors, and fonts down, but you can’t overlook your branding photos.
Having your visual elements work together cohesively is vital in maintaining brand consistency.
By creating a consistent brand experience, potential clients are more likely to book, and the
brand continues to build trust and reputation.

When was the last time you had your brand photos captured? After reading this journal, I hope
you found the value of why it is essential to refresh your photos yearly and are eager to book
your next session. Meanwhile, I am excited to announce that we officially offer branding
services for wedding creatives. If you are interested in elevating your brand in 2023, we would
be happy to help. Click the link to schedule a discovery call!

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