January 27, 2023

How to Utilize Pinterest Ads for your Wedding Industry Business

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Pinterest is an excellent platform for wedding industry businesses to advertise. Ads show up on
users’ feeds and within searches making it easy to put your content directly in front of your ideal
audience. Advertising on Pinterest offers incredible reach for your business. By posting
engaging and valuable content, your pins will likely be re-pinned over and over, leading to more
traffic to your website. Since Pinterest pins have a much longer lifespan than other social media
platforms, your pins can circulate for up to 2 years after being posted.

A paid advertising strategy for Pinterest has significant benefits, but knowing how to help get
started can be confusing. In today’s journal, I will share a breakdown of how to promote your
pins using Pinterest Ads.

Create a Business Account

If you’ve been using Pinterest as a pinner, now is the time to convert to a business account. The
conversion will give you access to all of their ad tools and features which you want to take
the advantage when it comes to growing your brand recognition.

Choose your advertising goal and budget.

Every new advertisement begins with your advertising goal, also known as your campaign
objective. You can choose from several advertising goals, such as Conversions, Build
Awareness, Consideration, and more. From there, Pinterest will show you the best advertising
pin formats to help you reach your goal, and you can choose an amount to spend. Pinterest is
excellent at making Ad recommendations based on your target audience, But ultimately, make
sure your budget reflects your overall marketing goal.

Choose your target audience.

Targeting is one of my favorite benefits of using Pinterest ads. The target feature allows you to
reach clients that are already searching for your content and ready to engage. You can
customize the details of who you want to target, adding in all the demographics of your ideal
clients and targeting specific keywords. Targeting is a great way to ensure your content is in
front of the right audience.

Enhance your Ads with Keywords

Adding keywords to your descriptions makes them more relevant to potential clients actively
searching for that content. Your Pinterest boards are also great SEO opportunities. When SEO
is optimized, each board can inform Pinterest’s search engine on categorizing your Pins,
improving visibility. Focusing on descriptions and keywords across your profile will support your
SEO efforts.

Add Valuable content

While actively in an advertising campaign, remember to add content to your boards
continuously. Only having promoted pins may create a negative perception for your viewers,
and you want to continue your pace of consistency as the Pinterest algorithm favors fresh
content. Take the opportunity to also re-pin content from others. It promotes added value to your
boards that viewers and potential clients can enjoy returning to, which is precisely the goal.

Monitor Advertising Performance

Finally, you want to stay up to date on your advertising performance to analyze the success of
your ads. The Pinterest Ads Manager Analytics will show you the details of each Ad
performance, including the trackable metrics. Every ad campaign has the opportunity to
increase brand awareness or website traffic. You can determine if you should update your
audience options, adjust your budgets, or explore other ad formats based on your performance
results. When understanding how to run successful advertisements, patience is vital, so be
prepared to experiment with the analytics and your goals.

A paid advertising strategy for Pinterest is a good idea and could help attract your ideal clients
and improve brand recognition. However, if you are a wedding creative and want to invest in an
alternative approach to growing your Pinterest, we are happy to help. Click the link here, and
let’s chat about your marketing goals!

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