February 28, 2023

Why you should use “call to action” prompts on your social media posts.

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As a wedding industry professional, you are probably used to having to come up with the copy for your social media posts. However, you might not know that you should use “call to action” prompts on every social media post you create! This simple addition to your posts is going to help your clients move from one step to the next in their journey with your business. In today’s journal, I am going to go over the top reasons you should be using a “call to action” on your social media posts.  

Clearly Explains What Action to Take

One of the top reasons to use a “call to action” in your social media posts is because it will clearly tell your audience what action you are wanting them to take. No matter what you are wanting them to do, the “call to action” will direct them on what to do and, ideally, how to do it. Without this added prompt, your audience may not know how to go about taking the next step to working with you! 

Makes it Easier for Your Potential Clients

Not only does a “call to action” clearly explain what action your audience should take, but people like them! It makes their life easier to know exactly what steps they should take to move forward in working with you. There is nothing worse than loving a business, reading a full social media post, and then being left wondering how you can contact them or purchase their product. With a thoughtful “call to action,” they are provided immediate access to what they are looking for and able to find your products and services easily. By making this easier for them, your potential client will be more likely to work with you since you have laid out exactly what steps to take, which will also increase the trust and loyalty your audience has with you.

Increased Conversion Rate

It is proven that a “call to action” drastically increases the conversion rate of a specific action. Maybe you are wanting your audience to sign up for your email list, register for a course you offer, or sign on to become a new client. No matter what it is, a well-written “call to action” greatly increases the likelihood of a person taking that action. 

Makes Your Content More Meaningful

Sometimes, as content creators, we feel the pressure to continuously put out content to stay consistent. Although consistency is important, by adding a “call to action” to the post, you are putting meaning into it and giving that post a purpose. It will feel less like a filler in your feed and more like something worthwhile for you and your potential clients. 

Creating a “call to action” might feel like an unnecessary addition to your social media posts, but I promise it will have a positive effect on you and your business! By trusting these benefits, you are going to take one step further to creating the business of your dreams. I would love to chat further with you!

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