April 14, 2023

Why I Love Planoly

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When you run a digital marketing agency with a lot of clients, it requires you to be organized
and utilize different programs to keep everything running smoothly. Managing many social
media accounts can feel overwhelming if you don’t use a great planning and scheduling tool.
One that I use on a regular basis is Planoly, and today in the journal, I am going to share it with
you know why I love using it!

Visually Plan
One great thing that Planoly offers is that you can visually plan your Instagram grid. We all love
to keep our feeds looking aesthetically pleasing and when you use Planoly you can plug your
posts in to see what they would look like ahead of time. This makes it great if you want to
alternate types of posts or want everything to have a certain visual appeal.

Schedule Ahead of Time
As someone who manages social media for a living, I understand the importance of scheduling
all of my client’s content and my content out ahead of time. Planoly allows you to schedule all
of your posts including reels and videos ahead of time so you do not have to worry about
posting each day. Being able to schedule posts well in advance will save you so much time in
your day-to-day work. The initial scheduling can be a little bit time-consuming, but it is worth
spending the time on.

Supports Multiple Platforms
There are some scheduling programs that only work for specific social platforms, but Planoly
will allow you to plan and schedule Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest all in one location. This
makes it extremely convenient when you are managing content across a few different platforms.
Being able to have one login and complete all of your scheduling in one place is ideal.
Weekly & Monthly View

Another great aspect of using Planoly is that you can view your weekly or monthly calendar and
see exactly what posts you have scheduled for that time period. This is helpful if you need to
reference back and see when you had a particular post scheduled or if you just want to see an
overview of what posts you have coming up.

Planoly also offers you the ability to track analytics. They can be viewed from the Planoly app or
the website. You can view weekly analytics or lifetime analytics. This is an excellent tool for
measuring the success of the content you are posting. By being able to see how your posts are
performing, you can gauge how to plan your content moving forward. If you are blindly posting
content and not able to see the analytics behind it, you might spend too much time on content
that is not resonating with your audience. This aspect of Planoly allows you to create a better
digital marketing strategy for your business.

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