May 17, 2023

As a Wedding Photographer, Where Should you be Promoting Yourself

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Being in the wedding industry can feel overwhelming at times. There are so many incredible
wedding professionals that it can be difficult to find your place in the industry, all while
continuing to bring in new clients. As a wedding photographer, you might be wondering where
you should be promoting yourself. Today on The Journal, I am going to talk about the places to
promote yourself that will bring you the most success and help you attract your ideal client.

Your Website
One of the most important places you should be promoting yourself is on your website. This is
the one piece of the internet that you own, and if all else fails, you will always have your
website. Be sure to keep your portfolio up to date with your latest clients and editorials. Your
portfolio is one of the biggest promotional tools that you can possibly use!

Everyone on Instagram loves to look at beautiful photos, so be sure you are posting your best
content on there. The wedding industry is one of the most popular topics on social media, and
your future clients are going to come looking for a photographer there. It is also especially
important to use relevant hashtags and keywords in your captions to better show up in
Instagram searches.

Email List
I have always preached about the importance of an email list and how everyone should have
one. This is why! It will not only allow you to stay in touch with previous clients, but you can also
attract new ones. Encourage visitors on your website to sign up for your email list so they can
stay up to date with you. This is a great time to put together emails with tips and tricks about
anything from engagement photos to choosing a wedding photographer. By staying in touch
with past clients, it will also give them the opportunity to spread the word about you to their

Wedding Websites and Blogs
If you can get your work published on a wedding website or blog, do it! Many brides will go
these websites and blogs to look for wedding vendors because they know that these websites
have excellent reputations. There are many websites and blogs that are always taking
submissions but be thoughtful about what you are submitting. Many times, they are looking for
something new and unique so choose your best photos that you would love for the world to

Pinterest is another social media platform that is very photo-based. If you aren’t on Pinterest as
a wedding photographer, I strongly suggest creating a profile. Not only can you consistently
share your own work, but you can save other pins from fellow wedding photographers, which is
a great way to network within the industry.

I hope these tips will give you a good starting point on where you should be promoting yourself!
Be confident and excited to show off your work to everyone. The right clients will find you and
word will quickly spread if you are providing a great product and amazing customer service!

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