May 30, 2023

Marketing and Brand Shoots for Your Photography Business

As a wedding photographer, you likely hear about marketing and brand shoots frequently. You
might be wondering if it is something that you should be investing in for your business. The
answer is, yes. You absolutely should be doing marketing and brand shoots for your
photography business. Not only does it provide you the opportunity to showcase your skills, but
it also gives you the opportunity to network. Today in The Journal, I am talking all about brand
shoots and how it can help you take your business to the next level.

What Is a Marketing or Brand Shoot?

If you are not familiar, marketing or brand shoots are staged shoots that someone professionally styles. Like a real wedding, engagement, or elopement, the shoot will be put
together with professional vendors, and then the vision is brought to life the day of. There will
typically be models that are brought in to act as the bride and groom for you to photograph
what will appear as a real wedding, engagement, or elopement.

You can then spend the day photographing this event and will be able to use the content for
your website, portfolio, and social media channels. There are also opportunities to submit your
work from a styled shoot for publication.

How Does It Benefit You?

You might be wondering why it is worth investing in a styled shoot instead of just continuing to
shoot for clients and there are a few different reasons.

A styled shoot will give you the opportunity to push yourself and photograph an event you
might not have had the opportunity to otherwise. When you are shooting for real clients, you
are likely going to stay in your comfort zone and do what you know. However, when you are
working with models, it gives you the chance to try new things with your photography. It will
also give you inspiration and ideas for wedding trends that you can then showcase on your
website and social media platforms.

As a photographer, it is so important to diversify your portfolio. You want potential clients to see
a variety of work that you have done, and styled shoots are a great way to add in new and
unique shoot concepts. Many times, couples are looking for a photographer who has done a
wide range of work, and they want to see many different examples.

Styled shoots also provide you the opportunity to network and build relationships. The wedding
industry is filled with incredibly talented professionals, and by taking part in styled shoots, you
are getting the opportunity to meet other photographers, wedding gown designers, wedding
planners, venue owners, and so much more. This is your opportunity to advertise yourself and
your brand. Take the time to speak with everyone and make those connections!

I hope this helped you better understand marketing and brand shoots, along with why they are
so important to your photography business. Do not feel intimidated by taking part in these
styled shoots, and instead, think about how they could benefit you and your business!

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