December 8, 2023

What Should You Be Writing On Your Blog?

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Have you ever struggled with curating content for your wedding blog? Hitting writer’s block while creating interesting and fun content can be very frustrating- but everyone does at some point. In this blog post, we will explore trending spotlights, finding vendors, destination weddings, honeymoons, and proper wedding etiquette.

Trending spotlights should be a highlighted theme for wedding blogs because they discuss the hottest new trends within the wedding industry. A few popular wedding trends are wedding dresses, themes, decor, and technology. A wedding dress is a way for the bride to showcase who she is on her wedding day; current trends include- high slits, bold sleeves, low-detailed backs, colored dresses, jumpsuits or two-piece sets, convertible dresses with detachable elements, and vintage/bohemian dresses. In cohesion with the dress, a wedding theme is acquired. Popular themes include- boho-chic, modern minimalism, rustic elegance, fairytale romance, and vintage glam. In contrast with themes, trending decor includes- personalized signage, bold color palettes, bohemian-inspired elements, candlelight and statement lighting, and extravagant floral and lush greenery. The wedding industry technology trends have evolved tremendously over the last few years allowing couples to utilize photo booths, drone photography, videography, live streaming, and wedding websites and apps. The wedding industry and its trends are constantly changing and improving- staying up-to-date on those changes is crucial for your success.

Finding vendors for yourself and your clients can be incredibly overwhelming in a competitive industry. Vendor coordination is at an all-time high in the wedding industry; curating seamless and easy coordination, a unified vision, efficient problem-solving, adaptability, and enhanced creativity. Choosing vendors for your special day goes hand in hand with ensuring each couple utilizes planning guides and checklists. Planning guides and checklists are crucial tools in the wedding industry effortlessly permitting ease of planning. Checklists allow for better organization, time management, task prioritization, budgeting assistance, and customization. Checklists and planning guides are a one-stop-shop ensuring each goal is accomplished during your wedding planning time frame.

Have you ever considered a destination wedding or attended a destination wedding? Destination weddings are some of the most beautiful, yet stressful weddings to plan. When choosing a destination, not only do you plan your wedding, but you have to curate a vacation for not only you but your wedding guests as well. Popular destination wedding locations include- Greece, Italy, Bora Bora, Hawaii, New Zealand, Croatia, and Costa Rica. So what’s next after choosing your destination? Now that the location is chosen, you start planning your wedding. Ensure throughout the process you set a realistic budget, hire a local wedding planner, understand the legal requirements, consider guest accommodations, plan group activities, factor in travel logistics, and most importantly, relax and enjoy.

Wedding etiquette is one area of expertise that is not touched on enough in this industry. Some questions you may have are- How do I word my invitations? How do I choose a seating chart and do the people sitting next to each other get along? Are you going to have a dress code? All of these questions are important for each couple to discuss. The wedding festivities start with the invitations- the host line, formally requesting the presence of your guests, the couple’s names, the date, time, and venue location of the wedding, reception information, attire if applicable, a way for each guest to RSVP, and a closing line.

In conclusion to your wedding, now it’s time to sit back and enjoy your honeymoon! Before you can enjoy your honeymoon, you have to decide where you are going to go. Popular honeymoon locations include- Costa Rica, New Zealand, St. Lucia, Seychelles, Italy, France, Greece, Hawaii, and Bora Bora. Before you begin planning, consider the location and season, set a budget, pack smart, plan activities, and have fun.

Determining what to write in your wedding industry blogs can prove difficult. A good starting point is considering the current trends in the wedding industry and deep dive from there. The wedding industry has an array of topics that you can discuss, but pick topics that you find interesting. As you stay consistent, you will find that uncovering topics to discuss will become easier.

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