January 19, 2024

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Are you searching for a marketing agency to take over the added stress of curating content and maintaining your brand’s consistency? Look no further, we have a refreshed lineup of services to assist with your marketing goals for 2024! This blog outlines the details of each service offered with pricing.

Blog Management: $65/blog (minimum of 2 blog posts per month) 

Offering SEO-optimized blog posts is a game-changer for your online presence! Our service ensures each post meets the “green light” standards on Yoast SEO and readability, enhancing its visibility and accessibility. Whether highlighting past couples’ stories, sharing valuable tips, or industry insights, each post will be meticulously crafted with a minimum of 350 words.

Additionally, we take care of picture selection, ensuring engaging visuals complement your content perfectly. Plus, the hassle of posting and scheduling your blog content is handled seamlessly. With our service, you can count on consistent, quality blog posts that not only meet SEO standards but also resonate with your audience and drive engagement.


Mini Social Media Offering: $300/month

Having captivating content and consistent posting is key in social media. Letting you focus on photo selection while we craft engaging captions ensures a streamlined process. With 15 tailored captions and curated hashtags per month, your social media presence will remain vibrant and your audience engaged. Consistency coupled with compelling content is a winning strategy! All you have to do is pick the photos; we do the rest! For this package, we require you to have a social media scheduler (ex, Planoly, later, Hootsuite, etc.)

Grid Management Social Media Offering: $500/month

With this service, you’ll have engaging content without the hassle of creating it. We take charge of crafting inviting captions, aligning them with captivating visuals that we select for you. By providing 30 tailored captions monthly, along with carefully curated hashtags, your social media game stays strong. Your only task? Engage with your audience while we handle the rest. Consistency, quality content, and seamless scheduling—it’s the ultimate time-saving solution for maintaining a thriving social media presence. For this package, we require you to have a social media scheduler (ex, Planoly, later, Hootsuite, etc.)


Photography Workshop Curation and Styling: Investment starting at $1,200

This service is great for photographers who want to host workshops without the stress! Our comprehensive package covers everything—from conceptualizing the design boards to organizing timelines and handling all aspects of curation, styling, setup, and breakdown.

With our assistance, you can envision and bring to life the workshop you’ve always dreamed of without the hassle of planning every detail. Leave the logistics to us while you focus on delivering an exceptional learning experience for your attendees. From start to finish, we’ve got you covered, ensuring your workshop is a seamless, stylish, and memorable event for all involved.


Website Design & Branding 

Logo Design: Investment $500 

We believe that a well-crafted logo is not just a symbol; it’s an invitation. This is an invitation to explore, connect, and engage with your brand. Here is what’s included:

Primary Logo:

We will create a primary logo that is the cornerstone of your brand’s visual identity.

Secondary Logo:

We will create a secondary logo that offers a condensed version with an iconic feel. This versatile design ensures adaptability across various platforms and sizes, making it an ideal choice for icons, social media avatars, and more.

Color Palette Curation:

We will create a color palette that resonates with your brand’s personality and values.

Font Selection:

We will select fonts that align with the character of your brand. The chosen typeface for the brand name will be distinct, legible, and reflect your brand’s personality.

Comprehensive Logo Files:

We will provide a range of file formats to ensure versatility and ease of use across different platforms and mediums. These formats will include vector files (AI, EPS, SVG) for scalability without loss of quality, raster files (PNG, JPG) for web use, and PDF files for print purposes. Each format will cover the primary and secondary logo versions in full color and grayscale.

As you navigate the decision of which re-branding service best suits your business needs, remember that consistency is the key to successful brand recognition. Maintaining your brand’s consistency and optimal reach is our number one priority! We strive to create high-quality visual content to keep your audience engaged while having open communication throughout the process of re-branding. Allow us to make your marketing goals a reality!

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